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"A fantastic job by everyone to get us into this position. I would like to thank everyone involved for getting us into such great shape. I know it has been very hard work for some people, but having seen Claire leap six foot in the air when she came and told us on Friday, I can assure you we are very happy with the outcome. A great team effort by everyone and hopefully we are in excellent shape to pass the audit action. Thanks very much and a big well done to everyone involved."

Head of Global Operation, GRCB Technology, Global Banking Major

We would like to thank you for giving your full support during the process. This was an opportunity for us to learn more on Connect Direct.

It feels great to know that Mauritius has performed the quickest upgrade among the African payment gateways. We also look forward to working with you; which will give us another opportunity to learn even more on the Connect Direct system. Well done Connect Direct Team.

Lead Manager, IT Centre, Global Banking Major

Thanks for your support in achieving this milestone, we appreciate your effort in that regards. Good collaboration, keep in touch.

Head of Information Technology, Global Banking Major, Republic of Mauritius

Three Cheers! Appreciate your proactive C:D awareness sessions to local IT support to help them understand significance of each step they need to perform. Hats off for your extra mile!

Middleware- Projects Head, GRCB Technology, Global Banking Major

Excellent. Well done team. Let us continue to build upon this. Middleware is an area where we need to build a strong COE in-house.

Head of GISD Platforms, Global Banking Major

Congratulations, folks. You are delivering significant value from offshore

Head of Indian Operations, Global Banking Major

The framework which you've put in place allows us to formalise and standardise our approach when taking on new support work. Obviously as work progresses this may need to be amended slightly but its flexibility will allow us to do this. I am impressed with the professional format and level of detail in your reporting and also with the standard of your communication with the service managers. Thank you very much.

CIO, Global Banking Major

Many thanks for a tremendous team effort, we achieved a great deal within a very small time frame!

Project Manager, Global Banking Major

With BenchMark we have partnered-on and completed four (4) major programs since mid-2005. Throughout all phases of these projects, the BenchMark team operated efficiently and consistently in planning, architecting, designing and coding these important on-line health intervention programs. In fact, based on post-production support activity, BenchMark produced the highest quality code of any contractor we have partnered with, on or offshore.

Our core competency is providing health promotion/health education programs to the healthcare industry as well as providing onshore/offshore programming services for those organizations that do not have, or cannot afford the staff and infrastructure to development in-house health-related programs.

In addition, in two aspects of application development that are very important to our customers and us, the seasoned BenchMark project managers understand the importance of operating in a formal, structured manner, yet easily handle the necessity for flexibility in what many times is an iterative process where scope changes are almost a way of life.

Simply put, the BenchMark team is the best application development organization I personally have worked with, and because of our comfort level with their staff, we find ourselves “offshoring” work that three years ago we would not have considered.

President, Leading Healthcare Company

The quality of the application architecture, HLD and LLD, and coding have been excellent...the applications have been very stable, with few problems reported by the users. The professionalism of all of the team members has been at the highest level – the most responsive team I have ever worked with!

President, Leading Healthcare Company

The BenchMark team has done an excellent job of designing, coding and deploying Level II of the iOK MySteps application. This phase 2 of the application was the most difficult to implement due to the lack of comphrehensive documention from the client, and significant re-design by the BenchMark team to make the application “useable” by end-user clients. We have no suggestions for improvement in the current services provided by BenchMark…our overall rating for Level II activity is…excellent!

President, Leading Healthcare Company

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you very much for the excellent work that you and your team have done on the web application. We like what we've seen so far in the capabilities and in the people of Benchmark.

Managing Director, ASP Service Provider

"As the Managing Director, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you very much for the excellent work that you and your team have done on the web application for us. We like what we've seen so far in the capabilities and in the people of Benchmark Softec...Thank you."

Managing Director, IT Management Consulting Firm

It is my pleasure working with you guys. The team you have is very cooperative, whatever we request, they do it, and not just do it, but the quality of doing it is very high. In addition, they are always there either by email or MSN, and whatever questions or doubts we have they make sure that these questions and doubts are cleared. I can't say anything more except, very good team, wish them all the best.

Systems Manager, Airline IT Division

Benchmark's team has demonstrated the highest level of professionalism and technical expertise in the development of our Point of Sale System.

VP, Asia Pacific, Large Retail Firm

We are happy to inform you that the software solution provided by your team for our e-commerce website is according to our requirements. We would like to congratulate the team at your office for their good work.

Finance Director, Retail Firm

Just want to thank everyone for your effort to make the portal happen. I appreciate the team for all the support.

Manager- IT, Online Drug Store

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