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Oracle is a major force to reckon with considering its ability to deliver industry leading database technology and advanced business systems along with the integration and support of all the individual software components within its product suite.

Benchmark has been an Oracle solution provider with experienced consultants engaged in extending Oracle's Database technology and E-Business Suite to meet each organization’s unique business requirements. We have worked on all the processes of database management like database administration, performance tuning, backup and recovery, application tuning, and database clusters. With an in-depth understanding of Oracle internals we have the technology expertise to design, develop, solve and debug any Oracle problems.

Our consultants have been implementing, integrating, upgrading, and extending Oracle's E-Business Suite, from some of the very first releases through Release 11i. We have successfully upgraded several of our customers to 11i that are now in production. We are firmly committed to sharing our knowledge with existing Oracle E-Business Suite users and prospective users.

Our proven success in developing and implementing Oracle based projects help us in delivering valuable solutions to our clients. We have implemented projects across industry verticals like banking and transportation services among others, using Oracle.

Our service offerings include:

  • Bespoke application development

  • Web portal development

  • Application integration

  • Customization and enhancements

  • Application maintenance

  • Data integration

Our Approach

Benchmark offers you the best end-to-end services on Oracle. Our goal is to add value to your Oracle procurement process, not only by ensuring a faster return on your Oracle systems investment, but also by giving the most up-to-date and accurate information. Benchmark specializes in delivering cost effective and smart solutions across a broad range of industry sectors.

Benchmark knows how to get things right the first time. Whatever your database needs or challenges are, our team of Certified Oracle Professionals can do it swiftly. Our Oracle project teams are chosen not only based on their technical excellence, but also their expertise in understanding and solving business problems. Our approach in providing Oracle database support services is fully proactive, dedicated to identifying and correcting problems before they impact your business.

Our approach consists of the following steps:

• Strategy Briefing
Benchmark always works diligently on the client’s interest to manage the details, overcome hurdles and see the process from beginning to end, exceeding the client’s expectations throughout. The Strategy Briefing allows the client to evaluate its existing Oracle system and EAI strategy against both its current IT environment and the business objectives. Our experts actively manage databases to ensure availability and performance, and provide management reports that highlight areas where action is required to avoid problems in the future.

• Architecture Design Session
Benchmark’s Architectural Design can retrieve information as rapidly as possible. Our architecture model examines the client’s existing databases to determine the operating efficiency and stability, and suggest potential improvements. Our architectural design is an appropriate data model and supports the requirements of end users. Our consultants are experts in designing systems that support thousands of transactions per second and at the same time delivering sub-second response time, easy maintenance, and extensibility.

• Proof of Concept Workshop
The Proof of Concept Workshop provides an in-depth workshop where Benchmark consultants work closely with key members of the client’s staff to develop prototypes for custom solutions. These sessions include detailed demonstrations, training sessions, and the development of a working prototype. We also evaluate backup and recovery procedures for practicality and robustness.

• Development and Delivery
Once the proof of concept workshop is evaluated and approved, Benchmark selects a team of seasoned engineers to build and deploy the solutions into production. Our cost-effective Oracle database service options range from monthly database reviews to 24/7 support with guaranteed response times.


When it comes to Oracle-based solutions, Benchmark is one of the best choices for both large and small scale organizations, especially in the wake of growing number of global companies. We have large pool of experts to provide implementation, upgradation and outsourcing solutions across the entire Oracle suite of products. With a track record of large global Oracle engagements, Benchmark Oracle practice has serviced numerous customers across various industry verticals.

Benchmark provides Oracle database support to meet all our client requirements. Our services are performed by experts in design, installation and support of Oracle database system. Our expertises are strong in system administration, networking and application development. Benchmark Oracle support services include:

  • Oracle database installation

  • Oracle database design

  • Performance tuning

  • Oracle database backup and recovery

  • Oracle administration

  • 24x7 monitoring of clients’ database and support

  • Application development forms, reports and discoverer

  • Training

Benchmark Oracle practice offers a number of advantages, including:

  • Robust implementations

  • Faster rollouts

  • De-risked upgrades

  • Dependable production support

  • Best-quality development
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