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In recent years, business organizations have recognized the potential of open source, resulting in its acceptance as a reliable, cost-effective and secure solution. The open source movement has already rewritten the rules for how software is, and will be licensed and used. With the number of open source products and projects on the rise, there has been a corresponding exponential increase in the service offerings related with open source software.

Our Approach

Benchmark Softec is a progressive software solutions and services company with a complete understanding of the advantages (and disadvantages) of open source software and possesses the knowledge and experience to help you choose and implement the best-suited open source solution. Having experience in the design, development, licensing and support of open source software, we are capable of modifying existing programs or writing new programs to make a system perform exactly as needed.

• Strategy Briefing
The Strategy Briefing allows you to evaluate your current Java development, portal, or EAI strategy against both your current IT environment and your business objectives. The briefing delivers a clear picture on how Benchmark’s Open Source software can help you reach your business goals.

• Architecture Design Session
The Architectural Design Session delivers in-depth architectural information on how to solve your business problems leveraging your current infrastructure and Open Source Platform.

Our capabilities range from Service Oriented Architecture ( SOA ) via web services, building core Linux components, to a wide range of applications based on Linux, e-Commerce, Application Servers (Tomcat , JBoss) and Databases (One$DB, PostgreSQL, MySQL and Derby) and frame works like SPRING , MVC STRUTS and intermediate tools like HIBERNATE.

These developments can be made using various integrated development environments like Eclipse and JDeveloper and JBuilder.

• Proof of Concept Workshop
The Proof of Concept Workshop provides an in-depth workshop where Benchmark consultants work closely with key members of your staff to develop prototypes for custom solutions. These sessions include detailed demonstrations, training sessions, and the development of a working prototype.

• Development and Delivery
Once the Proof of Concept Workshop is evaluated and approved, Benchmark selects a team of seasoned engineers to build and deploy the solutions into production.


Benchmark’s Open Source Consulting practice offers:

  1. Open Source Technology Consulting: Deployment of Open Source components are more than just programming. It requires industry knowledge and technological discipline to successfully build, modify and enhance those components. We provide your organization with comprehensive development services, including testing and integration with your existing environment.

  2. Open Source Technology Assessment and Software Selection: We are capable of assessing your existing proprietary application environment and recommending a ROI justification with a strategy for adopting Open Source solutions. We also identify the practical Open Source technology that is best fit for your specific IT requirements.

  3. Open Source Compliance and Audit Services: Our knowledgeable and experienced consultants are capable of performing due-diligence and review of codes to avoid potential Open Source licensing violations, which helps to create the policies and procedures, for a guided adoption and development of Open Source technology.

  4. Architecture Design Services: Our highly experienced team can actively contribute and participate in various open source community projects.

  5. Custom Software Development: Our open source custom software development services focus on the creation or modification of Open Source software to satisfy customer's exclusive business requirements. Our Custom Software Development helps you gain faster time to market and competitive advantage through bespoke solutions.

  6. Support Services: We help our customers by offering support services for Open Source products. Our Open Source consulting team has experts trained for Open Source products. Our support engineers can assist you in all phases of development or deployment of projects, starting/ranging from design to implementation. Our support team has expertise in open source compilers, platforms and development tools.

Our offering also includes the following Open Source related services:

  • Detailed analysis of requirements, followed by extensive research to identify the most suitable open source solution.

  • Evaluation of open source software and applications to understand the product and the underlying code thoroughly.

  • Identifying further customization requirements in the software / application, and subsequently planning integration of multiple Open Source options, if required.

  • Thorough testing and QA of the customized and integrated Open Source applications.

  • Preparation of simple, user-oriented documentation that enables the effective use of the software.

  • Migration of existing applications and data to the new software, if necessary.

  • Support services including the modification of functionality and/or further feature addition.
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