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Technological evolution in Mobile & Wireless technology, overlapping internet and communication technologies, together with constantly changing broadband services have resulted in huge need for high end Mobile & Wireless applications.

This digital revolution has resulted in advanced user-friendly features like touch screen, GPS, WIFI, social networking, video and audio streaming and mobile TV. In this commonly changing environment Mobile & Wireless companies are looking for advanced mechanisms’ to address the following:

  • Constantly changing markets that demands for high-end user-friendly features making mobile manufactures to introduce innovative products

  • Intersection of Technologies makes faster mobile and related service development

  • Lack of standards in mobile applications and content management

  • Mobile application development and testing in multiple platforms

  • Increasing need to access services like healthcare monitoring through mobile, mobile based commerce, mobile TV and others

  • Unceasingly evolving technologies such as Bluetooth etc

How Benchmark can help you?

Benchmark is a creative software solutions provider and system integrator with proven knowledge of various mobile & wireless technologies. We can help you develop your mobile application or implement a new m-commerce solution in no time. Best of all, you don’t have to deal with the daunting tasks associated with mobile development, such as the proliferation of various device types, display formats, evolving protocols, new standards and even new programming languages. Benchmark will manage the development project from inception to production.

Our mobile & wireless development and m-commerce solutions professionals are well-versed in various technologies, including: Microsoft .NET Mobile Web SDK, WAP/WML/WML Script, Java2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME), Palm OS all versions, SIM Application Toolkit (SAT), Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless (BREW), SMS, JavaCard, Bluetooth, GPRS, OracleMobile, Cell broadcast (CB), Mobile Station Application Execution Environment (MExE), among other software.

Service Offerings

  • Mobile Handset And Server Software Development

  • Custom Windows Mobile Development

  • Embedded Software Development for Smartphone and Pocket PC

  • Windows Mobile Consulting

  • Application Development to Wireless Device Transfers like Bluetooth and Wifi

  • Data Synchronization Services

  • Standalone Mobile Software Development

  • Creating wide range of Client Applications which include offline and online functionality

  • Bar codes, RFID related Mobile Development

  • Mobile Commerce (m-commerce)

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