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e-Governance solutions can potentially ensure transparency and cost reduction, increase effectiveness and productive output of the employees, enable instant response from various government departments to citizen’s queries, and improve overall efficiency of the government. It also establishes an effective communication channel between different government departments.

e-Governance generally starts with the digitization of operations to ensure smoother information flow. But to take advantage of the best of e-Governance is to use e-Governance for policy making, measuring performance, building consensus by collaboration and feedback, increase revenue and offering a truly responsive Government.

What we have done

Benchmark provides one of a kind e-Governance automation solution to increase the effectiveness of:

  • Policy and decision making

  • Responsiveness & quality of employee services

  • Revenue and target monitoring

  • Information assimilation and data management for effective governance

Benchmark's Technology Solution comprises of

Workflow Automation: Workflow automation helps movement of information (the physical equivalents of files) to various people as predefined by secured access rights and authorization policies to make sure that information flow is fast and accurate. This system can eliminate red tape and also can help trace bottlenecks and delays easily. These systems are required in almost all the departments.

Collaboration: Our web based collaborative tool together with the Workflow can help people sitting in different geographic locations have discussions and collaborate and work. Web based collaboration may not do away with meetings completely but it can certainly facilitate building consensus before the face-to-face meeting. This face-to-face meeting can also be arranged by Live Video Conferencing system saving cost of travel and time lost during journey.

Integrated Content Management System: We provide the best content management solution to allow storage and retrieval of different forms of contents through the web, providing easy access to various stakeholders by giving different access rights to different users.

Online Customizable Service Portal: We provide online customizable Service Portals that act as the basic gateway to connect to any of the information requirement that users would have to access from a particular department or entity. These web based portals can be accessed from anywhere and at anytime.

Our e-Governance solution and experience has already helped in:

  • Enhancing the vision and commitment of government employees

  • Overcoming wrong perceptions of the people and helping them to accept new

  • Improving the planning and funding processes

  • Smooth end user training
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