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Documents drive the organization, and well managed documents mark the onset of organization growth. In today's information age, organizations are encumbered with large amount of documents and content, with enormous amount being daily produced. These documents pervades through the organization and exists in the form of regular electronic documents, records, business correspondence, e-mail, transactional data, pictures and graphics, audio video files, reports, compliance-related data, HTML and XML documents, and so on.

Document Management Software solution allows organizations to create and manage a set of uniform models for retention, security, classification, search, retrieval and automatic notification and alerts for changing content.

Benchmark’s Document Management Solution involve: scanning of documents, storing it as images, recognizing the images, text / index based retrieval, annotations, linkage with structured databases and controlled flow through the business process application. With Benchmark’s DMS technology, organizations would be able to control the business workflow by enabling to store any format or any volume of information and retrieve at a later time.

Services provided:

We provide the following services that could lead to total solutions:

  • Assess imaging / workflow requirements
  • Evaluate alternatives and define costs and benefits
  • Develop proof of concept prototypes
  • Define technical requirements vis-à-vis workstations, imaging system, peripherals, communication & networking
  • Develop implementation and support strategies
  • Define & develop imaging / workflow components
  • Develop complete imaging / workflow systems integrated with base applications

Benchmark’s document management experience and expertise encompasses:

Document Imaging

  • Scanning, indexing, viewing and archival of documents
  • Creating electronic cabinets, drawers, folders
  • Effective search and retrieval methods

Recognition Technologies

  • Data extraction from images
  • Bar code - for automated indexing & image batching operations
  • OCR, HPR - converting image to text
  • Mark sense - extraction of decision/option information

Workflow Automation Systems

  • Automate business processes by capturing the co-ordination of people, information and activities
  • Rule-based and routing-based approval cycle
  • Track document creation, updation, viewing and deletion
  • Support workload distribution and document annotation

Full Text Indexing and Retrieval Systems

  • Content based automatic indexing of text documents
  • Optimized search and retrieval techniques
  • Support for domain specific dictionaries

Archival Management

  • Optical media - deliver long term storage
  • Jukebox management for near-line storage
  • Optical drive management for off-line storage
  • Document retention and auto-archival based on retention
  • Scheduled archival

Fax/Mail Gateway Interfacing

Incoming/outgoing fax/mail

Web Integration

  • Allowing document access over Internet/Intranet
  • Document query by reference, keywords and User defined search fields
  • Document retrieval and update
  • Administration


Document management and workflow techniques provide significant benefits that include:

  • Ease of access to information: This is a result of the ability to index documents and allow flexible access to them so that they can be viewed on an Intranet and searched for specific topics
  • Prevention of loss of information: Electronic imaging avoids wasted time searching for lost or misfiled documents
  • Adherence to Government Regulations: E-mail archival and quick information retrieval enabling enterprises comply with government regulations
  • Security of Information: Documents can be backed up electronically and be protected from loss by fire and also documents will avoid damage caused by multiple handling
  • Version Control: Avoids the risk of using out-of-date documents or having multiple copies by providing for an archived master copy, this would be appropriate for future uses
  • Paper Storage Costs: Documents can be stored in cheap, off-site storage whilst the images are used, or potentially destroyed
  • aper Handling Costs: Reducing the volume of paper passing through the internal mail system

In addition, workflow tools provide an opportunity to enforce consistent procedures for business processes, introduce flexibility by allowing the management of work queues and provide an improved service to various stake holders.

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