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Sustainability will enable businesses to achieve benefits such as enhanced reputation, product differentiation, increased employee morale, license to operate, and access to new markets.

The impact of a business on the environment is multi-dimensional, and includes its carbon footprint as well as resource use, waste outputs, and site planning. At Benchmark, we work with businesses to develop innovative approaches to everyday operations that are critical to the long-term success of our economy, our society, and our planet.

Whether our clients are hoping to start selling or using environmentally-friendly products or strengthen their brand name, Benchmark will collaborate with clients to implement lasting initiatives that will reduce waste outputs, minimize energy and water use, improve resource productivity, increase efficiency, streamline operations, and reduce physical and regulatory risks associated with global climate change.

Our Offerings:

  • We provide Strategic Sustainability Business Consulting to businesses in Providence to improve the environmental and economic performance.

  • We offer individualized assessments to target potential areas for improvement and work with clients to build the most cost-effective solutions to achieve their sustainability goals.

  • We work in close collaboration with renowned industry professionals to continuously develop and implement strategies to advance sustainability.

  • Our Sustainability Consulting team is comprised of professionals with experience in the fields of sustainability, economics, finance, engineering, planning, architecture and environmental science.

  • With our innovative and high-impact approaches to everyday operations, we strive to contribute to the long-term success of our economy, our society, and our planet.
Benchmark’s Operating Model

Creating high performance for the long term will require more than new processes or technologies or regulatory compliance. It will entail new strategies and a transformation of organizational structure, culture and behavior to thrive, not just survive, in a complex and fast changing landscape.

Value Proposition:

Improvements in environmental performance enable businesses to realize a multi-dimensional competitive advantage.

  • The business will achieve significant long and short-term cost reductions associated with making operations more efficient, reducing resource consumption, and manage waste.

  • Consumers exhibit a preference for a business that has made a measurable effort to reduce its environmental footprint over one that has not.

We see sustainability both as a commercial opportunity and as an extension of our stewardship role in supporting global business and societies.

To learn more about Benchmark’s Sustainability Practice, please contact us.

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